Primary Election: Aug 13

Election: Nov 5


It has been an honor to represent the citizens of eastern Duluth for the past 10 years on the St. Louis County board with the last year as chair. I will be asking again for your vote this fall.

My campaign will focus on maintaining a fiscally strong budget, investing in county infrastructure and advocating for increased resources for those dealing with mental illness, struggling with addiction and

Since voting for the dedicated half-cent sales tax in 2015, we will have invested close to $200 million on roads, bridges, safety improvement, and accessibility for trails in St. Louis County.

Mental health
It has been a pleasure to work with the Clarity Project over the past 8 years. Working with local leaders, we have repaired gaps in services for those dealing with mental health illnesses. Most recently we have
invested over $2 million for a late spring opening of a new walk-in Urgent Behavioral Health Center in Duluth, which will be the first in the state.

Since the pandemic, we have invested over $6 million county wide for housing units which will specifically serve several groups including the elderly, veterans, mental illness, and those fleeing domestic violence.

Over the 14-plus years of serving the community in public office, I have learned how to be a strong voice for our region and build relationships. In a time of deep divisions in our country, I continue to work with others in collaboration to accomplish common goals. These relationships have helped me
formulate policies which are efficient and helpful to our community.